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EMBEDDED IN MY BRAIN - TOBIAS VETTER | Soho House Berlin | July 16, 2022

In his new body of works Vetter goes deep into the presence and absence of interpersonal relationships and into interaction of personal past and present. The works again live from contrasts but are also more freely and expressive in the way they are executed.  Brightest colors not only convey happiness but also let the protagonists appear distant and lonesome. An intimate moment of a hug turns into a nightmarish situation. Too tight and too long are the protagonists holding onto each other, as if they would be scared of letting go. These situations can also be a metaphor of our relationship with our past and our memories we can’t and don’t want to let go. They ground us like an anchor, but at the same time they hold us back from progressing and from moving onwards.



When the art world has all eyes on this year’s documenta fifteen, and Lorem Ipsum are teaming up for an off-location exhibition in Kassel opening on June 17th, 2022. The group show is curated by Pia Fatah and unites nine emerging artists for the duration of four weeks. All the artworks can be viewed live in Kassel, Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 88, and are on sale exclusively on

In course of the group show, artist Tobias Vetter releases a physical edition as well as an exclusive NFT on June 17th for the duration of the exhibition.

The artists on display feature a selection of emerging contemporary artists working in various disciplines. Painters Daniel Spivakov and Tobias Vetter, sculptors Lukas Liese, Arturo M. Steel and Pablo Fernandez, visual artists Rebekka Benzenberg and Felix Kiessling as well as multidisciplinary artists Jakub Kubica and David Roth have their works on exhibition in Kassel and online on 


TOBIAS VETTER - SLEEPER IN METROPOLIS | July - August 2020 | Tribes.convo, Berlin

The exhibition's subject matter are large-format oil and acrylic paintings, whose anonymous protagonists find themselves in surreal situations - captured in an intoxicated state by garish, almost loud colors.

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