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<<The beauty of contradiction>>


I am not interested in the harmony of the ordinary  - i am interested in what lies behind. What would light be without shadow, what would the calm be without storm? Im fascinated by the darker tones, The contradiction of our being. Within us we unite good and bad simultaneously. The opposites live in us and only through them we become who we are.

I want to capture the tensions which are created by contradiction . I want to visualize the tarnished core of our very existence.


Tobias Vetter was born 1985  in the Allgäu region in Germany.

He studied illustration and graphic design at the School of Fine Arts and Art Therapy in Bochum and moved to Berlin in 2011. 

Vetter got famous for his monochrome tattoo artworks on peoples skin but shifted to painting and sculpting in 2019.


Tobias Vetter lives and works in Berlin.

©Levin Gilb

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